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“Facts are subversive.” — I.F. Stone

Unfolding in 2023: Founded by journalist Bill Shein, The Berkshire Argus will feature in-depth, long-form reporting on local and regional issues, ensuring that our communities’ stories are told with context, history, and myriad voices and perspectives. The Argus will also feature audio reporting, podcast interviews, news analysis, informed commentary, and more.

“Argus” is an old-school journalism name taken from Greek mythology. Argus Panoptes is described as an all-seeing guardian with 100 eyes -- some open even as it sleeps. As the Greek poet Hesiod wrote of Argus: “Sleep never fell upon his eyes; but he kept sure watch always.”

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Bill Shein

J’ecris. Editor of The Berkshire Argus (unfolding in 2023).